Blacklight Power

–Claims to have found a new way of producing energy from Hydrogen that would result in home heaters that have little or no fuel/electricity costs.
–Claims 200 times more energy is released per Hydrogen atom reaction compared to burning the Hydrogen with Oxygen.
–Has attracted more than $80 million in investments (investments specifically for their energy discovery).
–Has numerous (80+) published scientific papers showing details of their experiments.
–Claims that the release of energy is the result of physical contact between Hydrogen and specific catalyzing atoms, such as Potassium and Sodium, when at temperatures of 500 Celsius and higher (typically).
–Claims the electron in the Hydrogen atom falls to a lower orbit than was previously thought possible and becomes what they term a hydrino.
–Claims that “dark matter” detected in other galaxies can be explained by their discovery.
–BlackLight Power is based in New Jersey.

BlackLight Power’s business presentation is here:

Business Summary

BlackLight Power’s website:

I took snippets of information from BLP’s website regarding CIHT and listed them all in one powerpoint:
BLP CIHT snippets