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The following is a pdf that is a pitch to investors and includes details of BLP’s claims, data and theory:
BLP presentation
The following is a pdf that shows how Mills’s theory calculates energies of the atom during the process that a photon is converted into an
electron. It explains the significance of the fine structure constant, alpha, a number that physicists have struggled to interpret for decades.
BLP energy pdf

Below is a paper from BLP that describes how Randell Mills’s Classical Quantum Mechanics (CQM) succeeds where Standard Quantum Mechanics (SQM) fails. It was printed in Physics Essays in 2006 and is titled “Maxwell’s Equations and QED: Which Is Fact and Which Is Fiction?” (some parts are highlighted by me)

Blacklight Power
(Blacklight Power changed their name to Brilliant Light Power in 2015)
–Claims to have found a new way of producing energy from Hydrogen that would result in energy devices having no fuel costs and no pollution (see the Suncell)
–Has attracted more than $100 million in investments (investments specifically for their energy discovery).
–Has numerous (100+) published scientific papers showing details of their experiments.

Brilliant Light Power (formerly known as BlackLight Power) website:


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About Me (Jeff Driscoll)
I am not affiliated with Blacklight Power in any way.  I have a Bachelor and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and 20+ years of experience in different industries.  

my email:

About this website
This website is essentially a beginners guide to Randell Mills’s theory. Mills is CEO of Blacklight Power Inc. which is based in New Jersey. I (Jeff Driscoll) am not affiliated with Blacklight Power in any way.

This website lists the mathematical equations that describe the Bohr Model of the atom and how Randell Mills model of the atom is similar to it.  More detail can be found in Randell Mills book “The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics.”
Click on Bohr/Mills at the top to see details of the two models.

There is no significance to the “Z” in Zhydrogen.com, it just makes it easier to remember the website name.

My goal from this website is to attract funding to start a company and license Blacklight Power’s technology.  At some point, when Blacklight Power’s technology is fully accepted there will be large amounts of funding going to it in attempts to make commercial products.

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